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The all-terrain form of militant style YAMAHA MT-15

by Dorothy M. Drewry

As the smallest member of the YAMAHA MT series, the Yamaha MT-15 2022 has introduced to Taiwan a few years ago and immediately attracted a large number of young people in a very short time. The car is available! According to the owner, he was very satisfied with the MT-15’s looks, so he didn’t have the idea of modifying it after purchasing it. Because he thought that instead of spending the money to repair the car, he should just spend it on modifications. When the owner came to Hide Work Custom for an initial discussion, the opportunity was laid for the MT-15 to go through an overhaul!

However, since the MT-15’s subframe is not a detachable design, Hide Work Custom not only had to cut off the original subframe but also made a total of four locking points on the left and right sides of the main frame in order to replace it with this subframe that introduces the concept of derivative frame. The headlight was replaced by a round LED light source, which not only changed the appearance of the front end drastically but also changed the original avant-garde shape of the MT-15. The round headlight and the Shinko multi-purpose tires, which are sized up to 120/90-17 in the front and 140/80-17 in the rear, along with the army green fuel tank paint, also subtly create a warlike style suitable for all-terrain!

The bike also uses a lot of commercially available materials, for example, the Motogadget rear directional light is deliberately embedded at the very end of the subframe, and the rear view mirror is also a Motogadget product. The instrumentation is the same as the original MT-15, but the frame has been reworked to give it a slightly different look. The fuel tank at first glance looks like a continuation of the original lines, but the position near the saddle has actually been trimmed, and the two side covers on the front of the subframe, are the same color as the fuel tank, are handmade by hiding Work Custom.

The front fork and rear suspension are completely maintained, and the engine section is only slightly changed for the exhaust pipe. Overall, this car not only successfully changed the original impression of the MT-15, but also successfully created a new situation for this type of white street sports car, that is, handmade modifications will not be limited to a specific car, whether it is an old car wanting more modern style, or a recent new car wanting more retro elements, as long as the approach is refined and coupled with sufficient Sense, the results will certainly be handsome!

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