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2022 Toyota C-HR Premium AWD

by Dorothy M. Drewry

The exterior of the Toyota C-HR 2022 features the LED Bi-Beam headlamps (Deluxe+), which are complemented by a razor-sharp lamp brow design to show off the car’s sharp front end, and the new sporty lower spoiler, tank guard, lower air dam, and front fog lamps. At the side and rear of the car, the new 17″ aluminum rims with five spokes and ten claws accentuate the sporty ambiance of the sides, while the new LED tail lamps and sequential directional lights (above the luxury level), together with the black tailgate spoiler, not only create a dynamic visual effect but also enhance the overall sense of high technology. In addition, the new colors of Titanium Bronze and Crystal Red have been introduced to match the distinctive lines of the car body.
In response to market expectations for safety equipment, the C-HR is equipped with a full range of safety features, including Toyota Safety Sense (including PCS, ACC, LDA, LTA, and AHB) as standard across the entire range, as well as ACA, BSM, and ACB. In addition, the PKSB Collision Avoidance System is also standard. The system detects stationary obstacles in front and behind the vehicle with eight radars at speeds below 15km/h and displays a warning message on the multi-functional information screen and emits a warning tone to proactively alert the driver to take the necessary action. In addition, when the system determines that a collision with a stationary obstacle in front or behind is highly likely, it reduces engine output and brakes actively to reduce the risk of collision. This is complemented by the Stop Assist system (Deluxe+), which provides complete assistance to the driver at low speeds and when stopping.

The interior is brightened up by the metallic trim around the cabin and the two-tone brown and black interior design. The new diamond pattern design of the seats and the 10-way electrically adjustable driver’s seat (with electric lumbar support) (Luxury+) add to the refined and refined feel of the interior. The C-HR is also equipped with a number of luxurious features, such as new LED ground lights in the exterior mirrors, which enhance the luxury and convenience of getting in and out of the car at night, and the Toyota Drive+ Connect system, which supports Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Toyota Drive+ Connect system, which supports Wifi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB devices, adds to the luxurious ambiance of the C-HR and brings more practical convenience to consumers. The C-HR is also equipped with a number of silent engineering features to reduce engine noise, road noise, and wind shear during driving, enhancing the quietness of the cabin and providing consumers with the most comfortable driving experience.

The C-HR is powered by the 1.2 Turbo turbocharged engine with advanced turbo technology, which delivers high torque at low rpm, with a peak torque of 18.9 kgm from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm. The C-HR is also built with the new generation of TNGA technology, with a “high rigidity chassis” and “independent front and rear suspension” and a “low center of gravity” to effectively reduce cornering and improve driving peace of mind and ride comfort, providing consumers with unimaginable driving pleasure!

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