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What are Signs of Hail Damage on a Roof in Denver?

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Hail could cause so much damage to the roof and it is essential to make sure that you fix those right away before it could cause so much more damage to other parts of your roof. Being a homeowner, it is important that you know the hail damage installation roof guide in Denver to make sure that you know how much damage there is. You are going to need a trained eye to identify these. 

Here are Signs of Hail Damage on a Roof 

1. Random damage with no discernable pattern

There is a sign that the hail has damaged your roof when you notice that there is no discernable pattern that you could see on random damage on your roof. 

2. Hail hits that are black in color

When you look at the different possible hail damage on the roof and you notice that the hail that hit your roof is colored black, then there is going to be damage on your roof because it means that it hit your roof hard.

3. Loss of granules, which may expose the roof felt

If you notice that there are these sandpaper-like parts on your shingles, those are called the granules. The asphalt coating on your shingles is going to be exposed to all of these natural elements when you do not do anything about it and when even one shingle loses its granules so you have to get that fixed. 

To check if there are any granules that have come off, then you could go ahead and take a look at the gutters and downspouts to make sure.

4. Asphalt and/or mat that appears shiny

You may notice that your asphalt and the mat appear shiny, which means that the fiberglass mat is exposed or it is fractured. Having exposed fiberglass may be a sign that the hail shattered the surface of the shingles which causes them to break away from the fiberglass mat.

When your fiberglass mat is fractured, on the other hand, is so much harder to detect and you are going to need to have a trained eye to see that. When this happens, there could be tears and cracks on the fiberglass mat.

5. Hail hits that are soft to the touch, like the bruise on an apple

There are also some damages that may appear light, like the bruins on the apple. You are also going to have to check that out because that may mean that the self-seal strip is weakened. 

When it is weakened, this could affect the integrity of your shingles and it could be compromised permanently. This could lead to leaks and negatively affect the other shingles surrounding the wicked one.

Can 1-inch hail cause so much damage to the roof?

¾ inch 

This may be the smallest size of hail that could damage your roof, especially when there were high wind speeds that came with the hail storm. With a hail this size, then there could be some damage to your vinyl sidings, metal fascia, window screens, and the paint on your deck. This is so much harder to identify by homeowners because they are smaller.

1 inch

You may notice some bruins on your shingles’ underlayment and damages on your fascia, sidings, and gutters. Again, the damages would depend on how high the wind speeds are.

1 ½ inch

There could be severe property damage when there is a 1 ½ inch hail that would hit your roof. The damage would depend on how many of these would hit your roof and how long they have been hitting.

1 ¾ inch

When there is a 1 ¾ inch that would hit your roof, they are at the size where they would be able to easily penetrate through the soft parts of the roof. Some examples of these parts are the plastic roof vents and the ridge caps. 

There could be significant damage to the metal fixtures, tear the siding off, and crack the windows. This could especially happen when there are high winds.

2 inches

Having 2 inches or higher of hail could cause the most damage to your property. When this hits your roof, then there is no asking ifs for property damage. You have to make sure that you look around, assess, and identify where the damage could be. 

When you notice that there are some damages on your roof because of hail, then you have to call a professional roofing contractor to help you out with any of your roofing needs because they understand how the damages on your property could easily be ably handled for you.

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