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Maintaining Privacy: How to Hide Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s blue ticks, indicating that a message has been read, can sometimes create pressure or invade privacy in conversations. Fortunately, WhatsApp understands the need for user control and offers ways to manage these indicators. Whether you need more time to respond or simply wish to maintain your privacy, here’s how to hide those blue ticks on WhatsApp.

1. Disable Read Receipts

WhatsApp’s blue ticks, also known as read receipts, indicate to the sender that their message has been read by the recipient. However, you can disable this feature, which will prevent blue ticks from appearing on your messages. Here’s how:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to “Settings.”
  • Navigate to “Account” and then “Privacy.”
  • Find the option labeled “Read Receipts” and toggle it off.

Disabling read receipts means you won’t be able to see if others have read your messages either, but it grants you the freedom to read messages without notifying the sender.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Another way to read messages without triggering blue ticks is by using airplane mode. Here’s how to do it:

  • When you receive a message, don’t open WhatsApp immediately.
  • Instead, enable airplane mode on your device.
  • Open WhatsApp and read the message.
  • After reading, close WhatsApp and disable airplane mode.

Since airplane mode disables internet access, WhatsApp won’t be able to send read receipts until you turn it off, effectively hiding the blue ticks.

3. Disable Internet Access

Similar to using airplane mode, you can also disable internet access for WhatsApp selectively. This method allows you to maintain connectivity for other apps while preventing WhatsApp from sending read receipts. Here’s how to do it on most smartphones:

  • Go to your device’s settings.
  • Navigate to “Apps” or “Applications.”
  • Find WhatsApp in the list of installed apps and select it.
  • Tap on “Mobile Data” or “Data Usage” and disable it for WhatsApp.

With internet access disabled for WhatsApp, you can read messages without triggering blue ticks until you re-enable it.

4. Use WhatsApp Widgets

Widgets can be used to preview WhatsApp messages without opening the app itself. By adding WhatsApp widgets to your home screen, you can read messages discreetly without notifying the sender. However, keep in mind that this method may not work on all devices or with all versions of WhatsApp.

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5. Turn Off Last Seen

In addition to disabling read receipts, you can also turn off the “Last Seen” feature on WhatsApp. This feature shows the last time you were active on the app, which can be another indicator of your availability. To disable it:

  • Go to “Settings” > “Account” > “Privacy.”
  • Find the option labeled “Last Seen” and choose “Nobody” or “My Contacts.”

Disabling the “Last Seen” feature provides further privacy by preventing others from knowing when you were last online.


In a world where privacy is increasingly valued, managing message indicators like WhatsApp’s blue ticks becomes crucial. Whether you need more time to respond, want to read messages discreetly, or simply value your privacy, these methods allow you to hide blue ticks on WhatsApp effectively. By taking control of your message read status, you can communicate on your own terms while maintaining your privacy.

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