Perfect World M’s Realm-Based Abilities as Offered by Redfinger

In Perfect World M, players are able to explore and master a variety of skills and abilities. These are organized into realms which signify a milestone in a player’s progression. This article will look into these realms and what special abilities they unlock. Every realm grants players with more power and access to new capabilities.

In Perfect World M, there are six different cultivation levels: Foundation Building, Spiritual Void, Harmony, Tribulation Crossing, Annihilation, and Great Vehicle.

The competences in the area of Foundation Building encompass:

The Feather Arrow ability condenses ethereal plumes into lethal projectiles, causing an additional 45 points of damage with magic. This power requires zero True Yuan to use, while it grants 2 Qi and has no cooldown.

A tornado can be summoned to inflict an extra 96 points of spell damage onto the target and to slow down adversaries by 30%. Utilizing this power requires 49% True Yuan, offers 6 Qi in return and has a cooldown of 3 seconds.

Utilizing Thunder Chain allows the user to call upon a lightning bolt to hit up to four enemies in a 6 meter radius of the target, dealing an extra 92 points of spell damage. This costs 42% of True Yuan and offers 7 Qi upon use; the cooldown for this skill is 6 seconds.

A divine symbol, Ti Gu Guan Ding, will appear as a glowing light above the target to quickly recover 8% of their spell attack as 22 points of HP. It consumes 2.5% of True Yuan and generates 7 Qi with a cooldown of 8 seconds.

The Spiritual Void realm contains the following abilities:

The Meditation Mantra spells a target, restoring 48% of the spell attack as 5 health points and an extra 2.52% of the spell attack as 2 health points every second for a duration of 15 seconds. There can be at most 3 Meditation Mantra effects active on the same target. True Yuan expenditure: 2.5%; Qi gained: 5; Cooldown: 1 second.

The Crazed Thunder Annihilation technique brings forth an infinite number of lightning bolts to inflict 39 points of magical injury to the target and any foes within a 5 meter radius. It requires 81% True Yuan expenditure, grants 11 Qi, and has a 30 second cooldown period.

The Five-Colored Talisman is able to transform real energy into five hued runes, inducing slumber in enemies for 6 seconds. If the target is a player, they will be healed for 20% of their max health per second while they are asleep. The expenditure of True Yuan is 5% and the Qi gain is 5. The cool down period for this is 20 seconds.

The Harmony realm encompasses a variety of abilities, some of which include

A Profound Purification Chant: This eliminates many unfavorable impacts on the subject. The True Yuan cost is 5%; the Qi acquired is 5; and the Cooldown is 15 seconds.

Five Energies Revitalization brings 22 points of health to allies in a 15-meter range, reviving 27% of their spell attack. This effect is applied every 60 seconds and gives the additional benefits of “Qimen Dunjia” and “True Spirit Protection”. The former increases physical damage resistance by 5% for half an hour, while the latter does the same for spell damage resistance. It consumes 4.5% of True Yuan and grants 12 points of Qi, with a 6-second cooldown.

When you use True Yuan Eruption, you expend 1 point of true yuan and your spell attack power is increased by 10% for 10 seconds. You are invulnerable for 1 second when you activate it. The cost of using it is 100 true yuan and the cooldown is 10 seconds.

The ability Resurrection Art, which is not necessary to be placed on the skill bar, allows you to revive a dead ally. The same player cannot be brought back through the use of Resurrection Mantra again for the next 5 minutes. It does not cost any True Yuan and has a 30 second cooldown.

The realm of Tribulation Crossing encompasses a variety of skills that are required for success.

The user of Extreme Yin Yang must sacrifice their true qi in order to produce a spell formation with a 20-meter radius. This formation continuously consumes true qi, and any allies that are inside the formation will have their spell attack power restored by 5% as health every second, as well as receiving a 20% damage reduction until the true qi has been exhausted or the formation is manually cancelled. This formation can last for a maximum of 15 seconds. While the effect of Extreme Yin Yang is active, the user is in a hovering state and cannot use any other skills. It’s important to note that only one of the two skills, “Extreme Yin Yang” and “Heaven and Earth Boundless”, can be available at the same time. The total consumption of True Yuan is 200, and the cooldown time is 30 seconds.

The Annihilation realm encompasses a variety of skills, which include:

The Feather Shield spell creates a protective shield which absorbs an extra 12 points of damage and stays active for a duration of 20 seconds. The usage of True Yuan is 5%, while Qi gain is 6 and the cooldown period is 30 seconds.

Capacities that are part of the Mahayana tradition include

A spell formation with a radius of 20 meters is created through the sacrifice of true qi by the user of Heaven and Earth Boundless. This increases the attack speed, chanting speed, and skill preparation speed of any teammates within the formation by 25% until the true qi runs out or the formation is dismissed. Only one of “Extreme Yin Yang” and “Heaven and Earth Boundless” can be active at a given time. The formation lasts for a maximum of 15 seconds, with the user unable to release other abilities whilst in a floating state. True Yuan consumption: 200; Cooldown: 30 seconds.

In Closing

The cultivation system in Perfect World M is intricate, allowing players to progress through the distinct realms, granting them special skills and abilities. Starting from the Foundation Building realm to the Great Vehicle realm, gamers can unlock more powerful abilities, exploring the realms of power. As they master these skills and further develop their characters, they can write their own destiny and become a hero in the rich world of Perfect World M. Additionally, those using the Redfinger Android emulator to play Perfect World M on their PC will be mesmerized by the skill effects.

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